KittyCats One-Year Anniversary & Valentine Event


With teasers released hours before unmasking some of the mysteries of the KittyCats launch event, players partaking in this Second Life breedable community flocked to their KittyCats group chats to hype up the release even more, still puzzled about what KittyCats Lead Designer Callie Cline had in store for them at 12AM PST. It seemed almost like a virtual camping out in pajamas with your friends party within this large community, waiting for the main store to re-open with the surprises that KittyCats support staff continued to tease members with through their main group chatroom, followed by plenty of wink faces, hinting at different guesses residents proposed to the staff about the event yet to come. 😉

What makes the KittyCats breedable community so lucrative is that it’s not only a tightly-knit yet populated community but the breedable cats themselves are aesthetically beautiful, with an enthusiastic development and design team actively working constantly and partaking in community events with guest appearances. There are auctions at all hours of the day, with auctioneers selling off KittyCats in a dozen panels in two hours per auctioning session, and people willing to offer a bountiful amount of money for the dream cat of their choice. Money seems an afterthought in this community as just the other day at an auction, an avid collector spent the equivalent of $400 USD on a ‘dud’ cat bred with a recessive fur. This was only a dud and it shocked the rest of the audience hanging on the edge of their virtual lilypad seats, watching a bidding war unfold over two girls desiring this dud KittyCat in hopes of breeding out the recessive fur hiding beneath it.

12:11AM PST struck and the KittyCats Main Store opened its e-doors, I attempted to flock in with a friend, eager to get a taste of what the KittyCats team had been hyping all day. We discovered a wide array of pastel-colored kitties called “Love Leprecats,” spotted in white and black lip vector art and in bright colors, the rare cats were the rainbow-colored ones in the center, their colors called “ambrosia.” Each KittyCat went for $750L (About the equivalent of $3 USD) and people bought them by the dozens in hopes of garnering the full collection, as every Love Leprecat purchased was given in a random color and the ambrosia ones appeared a rarer odd than the others, naturally the KittyCats chat flooded with people asking to trade duplicates or offering to buy the ambrosia cat for extreme prices from other players.

Chaotic at best, the KittyCats Main Store lagged and the region filled up, closing due the overpopulation of people within the zone. A few moments later, Callie Cline sent an invitation to a second, much quieter location, she had been able to put down a small KittyCats vendor on the boardwalk of the Mango Yacht Club. I quickly headed over there, unwilling to tolerate the lag of the main store anymore as my avatar floated around uncontrollably due to the severe population issues in the store that KittyCats wasn’t ready for.

Within moments I’d purchased my very own Love Leprecat, nearly lag-free, and acknowledged some of the familiar faces nearby – I saw an auctioneer from Juice Berry Farms and the lucky girl who went home with the jaw-droppingly expensive dud from the other night, among others. Callie was also there to greet KittyCats lovers traveling to the yacht club in search of Leprecats and a lag-free zone. Both zones quieted down soon though as people successfully purchased their boxes of breedables and retreated back to their Second Life homes. The chat spam turned from “OMG!!” to “Does anyone want to trade a Lemon Leprecat for an Apple Leprecat?” and the chat continued to scroll, beyond anyone’s capability to read everything at once being said in the KittyCats Addicts group.

Despite retrieving my Love Leprecat easy at this satellite location, I sauntered around the Mango Yacht Club, located on mainland – meaning it’s on an actual continent created by Linden Labs versus an island in the vast expanse. I viewed the boats of all varieties from wealthy users fortunate enough to obtain a spot for their boat, a wide array of yachts dotted the sea’s canvas and a country club, resort house, and swimming pool resided not too far away. With my two KittyCats breedables acquired earlier held by my avatar, I explored the club that Callie Cline belongs to while in the background witnessing the spam of chat from people complimenting the KittyCats team, wishing the breedable community a happy one-year anniversary, and others avidly trying to trade Leprecats with others. A hyped launch that exceeded its crowd’s expectations and a rainbow matrimony of KittyCats resulted from this event with an abundant turnout despite the late hour, no hour appears too late for Second Life breedable members to camp out KittyCats with friends they’ve met through the hobby and eagerly trade with others throughout the night.


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