Fat KittyCats at Mardi Gras


With the hints dropped to each breeder through the KittyCats Addicts group notices hinting at a special event of some sort occurring this week as the Valentine’s Day event wraps up, KittyCats continues its Mardi Gras-themed celebrations by surprising breeders who receive KittyCat boxes between 12AM on February 21st to February 23rd. With the in-world Mardi Gras Fashion Parade hosted by BOSL on Sunday featuring a Love Leopard – Ambrosia float made by KittyCats Artist Callie Cline, the special “costume” hinted at by Equinox Pinion seemed so apparent yet no one in the KittyCats community could figure out what the specialty awaiting breeders at midnight was yet each eagerly awaited and the suspense peaked when breeder and Too Adorable auctioneer Ifoni Kembla received the first special female box of the event.

KittyCats is only a few minutes into this event, and a few KittyCats boxes have popped up with names alluding to Mardi Gras yet no boxes have been opened at this time as it takes 30 minutes for a box to open. As the day approaches, KittyCats users hope to be able to obtain one of these gifts, which is chosen by random when breeding the KittyCats in this time frame. The special KittyCats are nothing more than costumes, decked out in what should be a very festive green, yellow, and purple display of Mardi Gras spirit. If a breeder wishes to remove the costume due to finally attaining their dream KittyCat, he or she must submit a support ticket and they’ll gladly remove the colorful wardrobe.

The second part of the Mardi Gras Fashion Parade in-world will be hosted by Opium at 4pm SLT.

  • Update 11:32AM SLT: Kitten Longmeadow on the KittyCats forum with the following text regarding the Mardi Gras KittyCats: ” They will have a costume over their real stats, which means if you have a Siamese Blue born it will still have the Siamese Blue trait as the first trait, it will just wear the special costume from the “special” KittyCatS. So you will not loose any traits you would have get with a normal born KittyCatS.”


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